Collection of abstract skies art paintings and prints by Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby

The 'Forever Skies' collection of abstract skies, paintings & prints!

“Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless sky”

Disney (Aladdin)

And paint it I did - All of it!

Holding "the whole damn sky" in my mind for this collection, and with big brushes and giant canvases, I set out to paint skies that felt like forever. There's a freedom to painting large that I love - there's room to explore, the scale can be looser and the brushstrokes full of a beautiful energy.   

Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby painting a large scale abstract sky painting

My imagination soared and I got completely swept away as these big skies emerged. I wanted each piece to capture the vast, marvelous wonder of an endless sky. For my brushstrokes to harness the energy of the wind, and the horizons to reflect the colours of my heart. Most importantly, I wanted each of these skies to *feel* ever-changing and limitless.

Abstract landscape fine art prints and canvas wall art

So after hours of work and gallons of paint, I'm excited to offer you my 'Forever Skies' collection of 9 spectacular new art prints and, (surprise surprise), 5 freshly painted originals on canvas! I truly love this series - there is energy, there is drama, there are curious, lively details and tumbles of billowing clouds. 

large-scale summer sunset painting

A word about scale

When it comes to print selection, one of the added benefits of having a large original painting is that all of the richness and energy of those giant sweeping brushstrokes is captured and scales down beautifully as needed. As for for home decor and deciding on size, I encourage everyone to invest in a piece as large as they can manage - a bigger piece of art means a bigger "WOW" factor!

cobalt blue abstract sky fine art print


All of my abstract skies, including these newest prints, are also available as beautiful little greeting cards. They're pocket-sized pieces of art to send and share with friends and family this card-giving season!  I've chosen the winter ones for my own Christmas card this year and need to get writing!

This final collection release of 2021 wraps up an enormously full and truly wonderful year in the studio. Thank you once again for following along and for receiving my work with such enthusiasm.