Nature-inspired art elevates interior space with the beautiful energy of the natural world. These abstract landscapes inspire a sense of connection to the outside and are a fabulous focal point in home interior design you can enjoy everyday.

收藏: Abstract landscapes

My abstract landscape art prints are drawn from several collections of original paintings. They are my tribute to the strength and peace I find in my connection with the natural world, and reflect the honest beauty I find in the land that surrounds me every day.

The colour palette in my landscapes is often (not always!) more limited than you will find in my signature skies. For these landscape paintings I like to use more muted and earthy colours to help me get to know the *idea* of a landscape, so that it reveals itself and gives me a new place to explore.

On days when I set work aside and venture out onto the trail and into the forest, I come back brimming with fresh energy. There’s a quality to the air that renews a weary spirit and soothes a ruffled soul that I seek to capture on canvas. These art prints are not particular places although they are reminiscent of a thousand lakes and forest trails I’ve hiked. They embody the calming energy and healing power of the outdoors, first committed to canvas and then recreated for you to enjoy in your home as fine art prints.

Explore the stories behind my original art

Browse the artwork in the 'Lakelands' collection and enjoy the full collection of original paintings in the blog post that introduced the complete collection of acrylic landscape paintings

My 'Down to Earth' collection of fine art prints captures my uncomplicated love of the natural world an my place within it. You can read about my inspiration for this series on my blog. The complete collection of original paintings is available online for you to enjoy.

The creative journey behind the statement forest painting 'Deep Woods' was a massive challenge that I wrote about on my blog from initial sketches to the final stunning result. 

Choosing between art paper and canvas art prints

Let your aesthetic preference guide you in your choice between art prints on museum-quality paper or created as canvas wall art.  Do you want a neatly framed fine art print framed with with glass? Or do you prefer the texture and the feeling of an original evoked by a canvas print?

Whichever style of art printing you prefer, your print will arrived rolled and uframed/unstretched, packaged to protect the delicate artwork.

collection of large abstract landscape paintings in artist studio