Wall art is an easy way to add personality, beauty, and life to a room, and finding the ideal piece is a personal process. That's why I offer a range of designs, sizes, and materials for art prints - so you can find the perfect fit for your home that will tie a room together, just as you imagined it!

  • unframed fine art print

    Unframed fine art prints

    My fine art prints are unframed and shipped rolled. Unframed prints are light which makes shipping the most economical and leaves the personal choice of framing to you upon arrival.

    Image above: 'Aurora'
  • contemporary florals framed fine art prints

    Art prints ready for framing

    Each fine art print is created with a 1" white border all around the image. This gives the image 'room to breathe' and space for my signature in the bottom right corner.

    Image above: 'Grey Blue'
  • large vertical art print aurora

    Size and orientation options

    I mainly paint on square canvases which means I offer mostly square art prints. Wherever possible there are horizontal and vertical art print options available as well.

    Image above: 'Aurora'

Capturing the image for a fine art print

The quality of the image capture is crucial for digital prints. It determines how well a
print will reproduce the original painting and impacts how large I can offer images.

image capture for fine art prints

As you can imagine, capturing images for fine art prints at super-high resolution is something best left to professionals. Lucikly, one of Canada's premier art reproduction houses is a studio neighbour of mine, just a down the hall!

Once paintings are finished, but before they are varnished I have them them digitally captured. This is done with state-of-the-art photography equipment in a studio specially designed for image capture that can handle all my large paintings.

Image left: "Rosehip" its companion piece, 'Rose' is available as an art print.
image capture quality control target

One of the pieces of expert kit that you would only find in a professional studio designed for digitizing artwork is a ‘quality control target’. This is a small object that fits alongside an artwork being digitized and is used in conjunction with specialized software to analyze and measure sampling rate (dpi), colour, tone and noise for quality control.

It’s all about getting the perfect capture of a painting so that I’m sure every print is a perfect reproduction of the original with all the brushstrokes and colours true to the original.

A painting captured in a specialized studio with the right lighting and captured at very high resolution won’t need much in the way of colour correction. 

Possibly a minor touch up here or there but not much more than removing a speck of dust or tiny hair is ever really needed.

The final step before I am ‘print ready’ is a test print. What an exciting moment! It’s the first time I get to see what my painting looks like as a print.