Orange wall art adds a boost of brightness, a punch of positivity and a gorgeous glow to your interior with a single piece of decor. Orange wall accents or a statement sized orange artwork work beautifully in modern homes to instantly elevate a space with a lil’ extra Vitamin C!

orange abstract painting with Susannah Bleasby

Do you ever feel like wearing orange-coloured glasses? I took a fun look back at my life long love affair with the colour orange in a blog post. If you’d like a little more vitamin C in your life, this is the post for you!


收藏: Orange artwork

More powerful than yellow, less imposing than red, the colour orange is a feast for the senses. Be it in the form of a stunning desert sunset painting or interwoven in a glorious autumn forest, you’ll find orange used in art of all kinds as a symbol of power and positivity.

Bold, bright and full of energy

You'll often find a bright orange horizon line in my sky paintings. Take a look at how vibrant colours can mingle with bright orange without being overpowered in 'Dawning', or how the burst of an orange sun illuminates a painting like 'Honeymoon'. And when you combine soft peachy orange tones with luscious pink and pastels like in 'Belle Weather', you have a dynamic match made in heaven!

So much flavour to savour

In addition to warming sun and horizon lines, the colour orange also brings to mind the citrus fruit after which it is named. Fragrant, juicy and oh-so-delicious, the fabulous orange abstract painting ‘Citrus’ (also available as a print 😉) pays homage to your favourite orange delights. It's a smooth concoction of orange-y flavours that dazzle as large orange canvas wall art.

And on the other end of the size spectrum, if you love the idea of the punchiness of orange wall accents, take a look at ‘Detours/Orange’ — the perfect little arty addition to any kitchen or dining room.

A journey to another dimension

You can use the colour orange to make a statement but its use goes beyond that, infusing an interior with warmth, flavour and fun. Sound appealing? Take a look at my collection and find the orange wall art that lights your fire.

small orange abstract artwork by Susannah Bleasby