Perhaps more than any other colour, pink has the potential to express a range of moods. From the soft feathers of a flamingo to the sweet pop of strawberry bubble-gum, from the whisper of blush to the commanding drama of magenta. Pink isn't just a colour; it's an attitude.

pink wall art prints

Pretty in pink

See your home through rose-tinted glasses and take a stroll with me through my gallery of pink art, from the softest blush to the warmest atumn sky.


收藏: Think Pink

Fresh-faced and sophisticated, the colour of cherry blossoms, carnations and roses, pink has always been my thing. It's a bold color with attitude that I associate most with a certain kind of confidence and power.

Pink, in all its many, many hues, is a colour that I use in my work all the time. One look through my gallery and you'll see it in appear in everything from the warmest autumn sky to the punchiest abstract blossom. It shows up in blush-tinted creams, crimson-rich shadows and the drama of a tumultuous skyMaybe more than any other colour pink is a shade of a thousand faces.

pink paint splattered sneakers