new abstract paintings from Susannah Bleasby

'Pieces of Me'

** takes adeep breath, feels the fear …. but flings herself forward anyway **

I’m so excited to bring you whole-heartedly, unapologetically and unabashedly into MY world with this new collection of abstracts! Open your heart, open your mind and let me show you what I’ve been up to for the past number of months. It’s a LOT and it's we go!

large yellow abstract painting 'Harvest Yellow' 30" x 30"
prints available
large mauve abstract painting 'Mauvellous' 30" x 30"

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

A few months ago, during kind of a seasonal low, I decided to give myself permission to follow joy like never before. To lift my own spirits in the best way I know how. First and foremost, I was painting for me—I needed this. I set aside the expectations or approvals of others (sorry/not sorry folks!), turned observation inwards and connected with self. I simply listened to my heart, painting to satisfying only what enlivened my soul and tickled my imagination. I wanted this work to be teasing, poking, lovingly smiling back at me and, I have to say, it really does.

large blue abstract painting
'Blue Rainbow' 30" x 30"
prints available
large peach abstract painting
'Sweet Peach' 30" x 30"
prints available

“I felt my heart burst open in a million colours”

In this collection I see creative growth, mindful exploration, personal bravery, and most importantly to me, intense curiosity. Along the way, luxuriating and reveling in the process for months as I did, I came to deeply understand just how essential this kind of work is to me—as a person as much as an artist. It breathes air into a part of my innermost self that otherwise stays hidden, untapped, unloved. This kind of work allows me to be ALL of me, and the freedom to do so can be seen and felt in each and every painting.

dark emerald green abstract painting
'Greenwhile' 20" x 20" ($750)
green floral abstract painting
'Florette' 24" x 20" ($850)

“This kind of art lives within me and me in it”

Each of these paintings is a “Piece of Me”, and they’re each a celebration of colour and originality. They’re bites off the most delicious rainbow of personality. They’re a little bit cheeky, and full of a whole lotta joy. These paintings offer vivid relief from the grey of the world, the ‘beige’ of routine and welcome weirdness with open arms. I hope you see that here too—that they’re splashes of colour serving as playful reminders to smile and connect to the bright side of life.

large colorful floral abstract painting 'Circus Circus' 20" x 20"
large red pink abstract painting 'Pink Elephant' 30" x 30"

Fearless and Fun

This collection has been led by curiosity and colour. Experimenting with new pairings, palettes and playing endlessly with the possibilities and spaces between shape and colour. A series of small abstracts has come from these experiments with more to follow later this summer! Priced at $329, each of these 10" x 10" paintings was created on a lightweight MDF board that fits easily into a standard-size frame.

You'll be seing more of these images in the coming weeks. New gallery wall print sets are in the works as are fabulous new greeting cards and goregous pocket-sized notebooks. All inspired by a colourful journey in paint.

10" x 10" lightweight panels $329

small bright blue abstract painting
orange green and pink abstract painting
abstract pink flower painting
'Pink Flower'
magenta abstract painting
small colorful abstract painting
'Ice Cream Dream'
pink and orange abstract painting
dark green emerald small abstract painting
'Night Garden'
green and orange abstract painting
green teal abstract painting
small periwinkle abstract painting
small abstract painting with pink and red stripes